Open Data Resources

Open Data Resources

A goal for Open Data Connect is to solve local problems, using best practices from around the world.

Open Data is free for all use, and provided by leading global organisations. Here’s where you can find it:

Open Data Institute

Open Data Institute (ODI)

The ODI was co-founded in 2012 by the inventor of the web Sir Tim Berners-Lee to show the value of open data, and to advocate for the innovative use of open data. The ODI is headquartered in London, with an international reach.

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Open Knowledge International

Open Knowledge International (OKI)

Open Knowledge International is a global non-profit organisation focused on realising open data’s value to society by helping civil society groups access and use data to take action on social problems.

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Data Management Association

Data Management Association (DAMA)

DAMA is a vendor independent, not for profit professional association of information management practitioners. Its primary objective is to “promote the understanding and practice of managing information as key business assets”.

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